It is a common misconception that SSBs do not prefer candidates who have undergone coaching. Many candidates think that with bookish and hear-say knowledge, they can clear the SSB without any help. While this may be true for some gifted candidates, it is still recommended that a candidate undergo proper coaching to prepare him/her for his/her upcoming SSB interview.

1. Why SSB Coaching is a must from Miri Piri Academy.

Miri Piri Academy a student is assessed on every aspect of the testing. Over the progression of the 15-day training at Miri Piri Academy, a candidate is able to identify and pinpoint any shortcoming or problem areas that may hold him back.

The 80% of the candidates who come to us suffer from one kind of fear or another like stage fright, public speaking, physical testing, etc. At Miri Piri academy each candidate confronts his fears head-on and overcomes them completely over the 15-day training.

A candidate learns what is expected of him from the moment he steps into the SSB centre. This knowledge not only mentally prepares the candidates but also highlights and prevents many trivial mistakes that a candidate may not have even known he/she was making.

When a candidate comes for coaching to Miri Piri Academy, he gets a complete experience of the SSB and learns how to work with other candidates from all over the country. This exposure to a large group of aspirants can be very helpful for a candidate.

The 15 day and 150 hrs coaching at Miri Piri Academy prepare a candidate both physically and mentally for the 5 days grueling testing at the SSB. Time management and self-discipline are inculcated into the candidate.

2. SSB Coaching Schedule

The Miri Piri Academy runs two SSB Interview Coaching terms a month for 15 days each (intensive 150 hours training), starting on the 1st, 15th, and 30th of every month. But candidates may join in between on any day and complete the full 15 days- 150 hrs cycle.

This option is available to accommodate candidates who cannot afford to be away from their college/units or job for longer periods. Yet there will be NO let-up or loss in the amount and quality of coaching.

The Academy observes no holidays. All Sundays, festival days, Government/Bank holidays are working days for our institution. The SSB Interview Coaching Term Starts at 9:00 AM on the first day. Daily SSB Interview Coaching /Training Routine is from 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM & from 2:30 PM to 7:30 PM depending on the session.

3. When To Join SSB Coaching

Candidates are advised to take their coaching as early as possible, and definitely before applying for a commission. Those who hope to qualify in UPSC written exam or candidates whose names have been recommended to the SSB should undergo training at least a month before the call is expected.

Candidates, who wait to undergo coaching just before the SSB interview or after receiving the call notice, often feel helpless, as many of them miss out on the benefit of coaching because they keep waiting for the call. Sometimes they are called on short notice and are not left with enough time to get the proper coaching.


The Miri Piri Academy conducts two, 15 days of SSB Interview coaching terms in a month starting on 1st, 15th, and 30st of every month. A candidate may join the SSB coaching term late or on any day in between and still complete the 15 days- 150 hrs coaching cycle. Yet there will be NO let-up or loss in the amount and quality of coaching. However, to avoid such emergencies the candidates are advised to finish their training as early as possible, instead of waiting for the call.

4. SSB Coaching Fees & Charges

Miri Piri Academy fixes its fees after a lot of consideration, and fees are always justifiable. Judicious candidates always decide to be coached by specialists. Exhaustive coaching cannot be conducted without proper equipment and necessary facilities of vast grounds and trees for outdoor exercises. Minerva is the only Academy possessing these facilities. For indoor classes, our Lecture Hall has a seating capacity of over 100 candidates. Indoor academic sessions are well supported by Modern Audio-Visual Technological aids like LCD Projector, High Powered P.A. Equipment’s, and captive power source like Generator in case of electricity failure.